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About Studio E: A Professional Recording Studio

Studio E is a recording studio housed in and supported by the Department of English at Texas Tech University. The studio's mission is to facilitate the production of professional-quality video and audio projects in accordance with the following five goals. First, to: 1) Celebrate, support, and empower local Lubbock residents and organizations through the production of podcasts and video essays about the region and its inhabitants; 2) Enhance TTU faculty and student research in the areas of audio and video literature and the Digital Humanities; 3) Offer students training in Digital Storytelling and A/V editing to help them create individual projects, enable instructors to incorporate such training into their pedagogy and course objectives, and provide collaborative opportunities with the English Department's Media Lab;

4) Highlight the achievements of students and faculty working in the areas of First-Year Writing, Literature, Linguistics, Creative Writing, and Technical Communication and Rhetoric, and 5) Share locally, nationally, and globally the important work that scholars and writers within TTU's Department of English regularly produce in the hope that such work can explain, challenge, and potentially change the world for the better.

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CREATOR RESOURCES: Equipment and Training for Making Podcasts, Films, and Other Digital Materials

Whether you're a podcasting pro or a newbie, want to record and edit a song, or plan to shoot and produce a video, Studio E can help. Simply contact us and tell us your project, your level of expertise, and your needs. Studio E is available for:

STAFFED STUDIO SESSIONS so you can reserve time to work or learn equipment and programs with a trained staff member is in attendance;

INDIVIDUAL/GROUP STUDIO SESSIONS so you can have access to equipment and programs to advance your project outside of regular studio hours;

DROP-IN SESSIONS during regularly scheduled office hours (T.B.A for Fall 2021).

EDITOR RESOURCES: Software and Training for Editing and other Post-Production Skills

Studio E is equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite and a range of production and post-production software, including Premiere Pro, Audacity, Adobe Spark, and others. Whether you're just starting out or need to refresh your skills, students and faculty can drop in during regular office hours to access user guides and programs, troubleshoot with the staff member in attendance, or set up a dedicated training session for a particular project or program.

We've also provided a suite of how-to videos right here on the site.

Better yet, after you get the hang of these programs, you can use the software outside of the studio in the English Department's Media Lab or Digital Humanities Studio, or on your own devices. And if you run into trouble, Studio E's staff is available to help you through it.

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