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Call for Undergraduate Assistant

Interested in working in Studio E?

Email a resume or CV and a brief statement of interest (a paragraph in the body of the email is fine) to by Fri., September 17th. 

Studio E is a new professional recording studio located in and supported by the Department of English at Texas Tech University. The studio is seeking an undergraduate Student Assistant to finalize set up our physical location, staff the studio, and assist with managing our flagship project, “Lubbock’s Untold Stories: A Living History” (Lubbock US), funded by the Helen Jones Foundation, Inc. The position will run through the end of 2021 with the potential for continued employment in the following spring and fall.  


The successful applicant will be responsible for supporting the Assistant Director of Studio E in completing tasks necessary for upholding the studio’s daily functions (such as helping visitors to the studio with their projects and producing a range of materials, such as user guides) and for contributing to the grant-funded project by recording and producing video interviews with longstanding members of the Lubbock community as directed by Studio E administration. 


This position pays $10/hr with an average work expectation of five hours per week.  

Qualifications and Responsibilities

Ideal Qualifications 

  • Experience and/or interest in using video and audio recording equipment and software 

  • Audio & video post-production skills (potentially including familiarity with any of the following: iMovie, Audacity, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Spark, Garage Band, etc.) 

  • Excellent writing, editing, and communication skills 

  • Social Media expertise 



In addition to representing Studio E and the Department of English in a professional manner both in person and online, the position also requires: 

  • Working with the Assistant Director to staff Studio E for a set amount of office hours  

  • Assisting visitors to the studio with A/V projects 

  • Assisting with the creation of user guides for Studio E equipment and programs 

  • Recording and/or editing interviews for Lubbock US as assigned 

  • Contributing to the maintenance of Studio E’s website 

  • Supporting social media activity for Studio E and Lubbock US 

  • Attending scheduled meetings with Studio E directors and staff 

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