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First-Year Writing Faves from 2020-2021

Cheyenne Duhon, a Graduate Part-Time Instructor teaching First-Year Writing classes over the course of 2020-2021, put forward these three eye-opening audio-visual projects from students in her Introduction to College Rhetoric and Advanced College Rhetoric classes. Listen, watch, and enjoy!

Fashionable Girls

The Impact of the Name

by Kaelin Hall

What decisions go into constructing a personal style? Are our choices based more on personal aesthetics, financial flexibility, brand names, or other factors? Kaelin Hall dives deep into our purchasing habits in this podcast to help us better understand why we wear what we wear!

Teen Moms Matter

by Emily Rangel

Do you have preconceptions about teenagers ... well, conceiving? Emily Rangel will name, challenge, and explore them in this eye-opening podcast centered on teenage mothers and the stigma surrounding pregnancy in women younger than 20 years of age.

Image by Glitch Lab App
Electric Cars Still.JPG

Electric Cars

by Jordan Parks

On the fence about going electric with your next car purchase? Let Jordan Parks convince you with a thought-provoking video essay.

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